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3 puppies abandoned at our gate.


There are many ways to get involved and help our shelter! Our work relies solely on the donations of others – we use the money from everything to buying food, for sterilization and vaccination campaigns, for maintenance costs, and for emergency medical expenses. There are many ways to donate – please consider contributing to our cause! See all the ways you can donate here:

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Gicutsa, one of our sponsor dogs.


For only 10 Euro per month – the cost to feed a dog for that time – you can sponsor one of our permanent residents. All our sponsor dogs have very touching stories, and you will be making a real difference in their lives.  Click below to read more about adopting at a distance!


Volunteers having a great time at our shelter!


If live in Romania or you’re planning a visit and you’re considering a more hands-on approach to helping out, we also offer volunteer opportunities! Click below to read more: