Our shelter is constantly in short supply of various essential products that help us ensure our dogs have a healthy and comfortable life. We are always in need of - and greatly appreciate - everything from practical items such as dry and wet food for dogs, sanitary items such as grooming supplies and diaper pads, and health-related items such as tick and flea treatment.

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We need various forms of grooming supplies for our dogs in order to maintain a sanitary environment


Our dogs need regular grooming of various kinds. We have many long-haired dogs needing haircuts in the hot summer months in order to be comfortable and withstand the heat. They require regular nail trimming in order to avoid nails curling over and making them very uncomfortable. We currently have no toothbrushes for dogs, yet many are in desperate need of a cleaning. And we also need shampoo as every dog sent for adoption is given a nice bath.






The hot summer months in Bucharest unfortunately bring ticks and fleas


Every summer at the shelter we face huge problems with ticks and fleas. The problem of ticks is not something that can be solved with a one-time treatment, but rather treatment for each dog is required roughly every one or two months. Given this reality, we inevitably run out of supplies very fast, and are constantly in need of things like tick drops or powder, tick collars, and tick treatment for the main yard at the shelter.






Our dogs eat 100 kg of food per day, which is 3000 kg per month!


The thing most desperately and regularly needed at the shelter is food. We have over 350 dogs that eat 100 kg of food per day, amounting to 3000 kg of food per month. These enormous quantities are constantly stretching our resources, and sometimes we have to rely solely on whatever food has been donated recently – whether it be bread and milk, or items donated from local supermarkets such as out-of-date baked goods or meat products.





Diaper pads are essential for use in travel kennels in order to maintain sanitation


When sending dogs for adoption, the most convenient and sanitary item that facilitates the process for us is the diaper pad. We fit it into the travel kennel, and its sticky underside means the dog can sit on a soft surface that won’t slide around, while the absorbant material ensures we have a quick, easy and sanitary cleanup in case there are any accidents.